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We aim to treat everyone involved in Blues Rugby Academy like family and will strive to support and nurture each individual to their fullest potential. We are a values driven club and place great emphasis togetherness, leadership, accountability and ownership. By developing these values we believe we can have a great impact on developing people and global citizens.  

We believe that if we work hard and continue to improve our standards, uphold our values and culture, success will be a by-product of what we do. 

Our aspirations are that these values are shared and upheld by everyone involved in the club directly or indirectly. 

Togetherness | Leadership | Accountability | Ownership


  • Develop individuals who are committed to high standards, continually display our core values and support each other by working together in a family centred environment with openness and equality

  • To ensure a sustainable pathway is in place to allow individuals to perform at world class events 

Mission Statement 

  • To consistently develop and implement the best athlete development program in South Africa with a clear focus on values and performance. 

  • To maximise individual potential through the delivery of bespoke technical, tactical, physical, psychological and educational programmes.


  • To  develop people who will continually strive to better themselves, environments and others. 

  • In order to provide the local primary schools and senior shcool with best possible athletes for its future growth and development. 


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