Cross Fit Class




We aim to develop individuals who are committed to high standards, continually display our core values, strive to better themselves, environments and others and support each other by working together in a family centred environment of openness and equality.

We believe this will develop the foundation needed to provide any aspiring athlete with the tools to allow them to succeed on their own journey.  



We offer group training sessions with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 people.

If you and your friends would like to train together and hold each other accountable. This could be just what you need?

For R50 per person per hour this is a great way to start working towards your personal goals

  • Group Support 

  • Increased Mobility & Stability 

  • Full Body Training Session 

  • Foundational Movement Patterns 

Days: Monday | Fraiday 

Times: 07:20 - 08:10  

Cost: R40 per person per session 

Group Workout Session
Intense Training


If you are looking for accountability and expert advice while keeping you motivated these are the sessions for you.

At R150 per session for a minimum of 40mins why not give this a try.

  • Functional Screening 

  • Nutritional Analysis 

  • Increased Mobility & Stability 

  • Long Term Action Planning 

  • R150 per session


If you're looking to gain the edge in your chosen sport why not learning Olympic lifting. This is a great tool to help develop your explosive strength, speed and power.

We offer one on one sessions or group session for up to 5 individuals. We can also look at sessions aimed at sports teams or clubs.  

  • Functional screening 

  • Increased mobility and stability 

  • Increased explosive power 

  • Increased muscular endurance 

  • Increased strength and speed 

Lifting Barbell


  1. Blues Training Academy will make every effort in-line with what is deemed reasonably practical to minimise the risk and ensure the safety of all athletes under its care.

  2. We do not run any sessions that fall on public holidays and if a athlete is sick or injured unfortunately no make up lessons are available as group sizes are limited for health and safety reasons. 

  3. The cancellation of a athletes membership will need to be given a month in advance in writing via email to the following email address

  4. By signing up to one of our offerings you acknowledge you have read and understood the above and indemnify the Blues Training Academy from any incident that might take place whilst under our care.