Competition & Training



Focused Training | Be curious and coachable | Keep driving up the standards

Focused Training 

  • Through our development strategy we aim to develop the ability of our athletes to ‘switch on’ & ‘switch off’ this will allow our athletes to focus on the task at hand and understand when it is time to focus and or have fun.

Be curious and coachable 

  • We will continually encourage our athletes to question and develop an understanding of why we do certain things. We welcome new ideas and strategies to help us improve. With this openness in mind we encourage our athletes to be open minded, reflective and take on board feedback during all engagements.


Keep driving up the standards  

  • For us to continually improve and develop as a club we need everyone involved to keep driving up the standards. Throughout interactions with Blues Training Academy we will continually develop responsibility for our actions and ensure that what we do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis improves our club, friends, family and ourselves.


Gracious in victory & defeat | Maintain our professional standards | Always show respect

Gracious  in victory & defeat

  • As a result of our program we believe that ‘success’ will become a by-product of what we do. With this in mind we aim to ensure we exhibit mindful celebrations in victory and are thankful in defeat as this gives us reference points for us to continue to improve and further develop. 

Maintain our professional standards

  • Carrying over our training standards into the competitive arena is very important to us. We aim to have the same high standards present at competition events as we do at training.   

Always show respect  

  • Showing respect and being grateful for opportunities to compete is very important. We will always try to show respect for the club, ourselves, family, friends, opposition and officials.