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We are a progressive swimming club and training academy based in the Summerstand area of Gqeberha.

Specialising in swimming, strength and conditioning and coach education and training.

We are a values driven organisation and strive to develop each individual we come into contact with by focusing on instilling our core values of togetherness, leadership, accountability and ownership.

Swimming squads 

Learn to swim | Competitive squads | Fitness Squads | Masters 

Strength & conditionng 

Group training sessions | Personal training | Olympic lifting 

Female Swimmer


The journey matters...

Image by Joshua Earle


Vision | Mission | Purpose

Great effort from the athletes, the administrators, the coaches, the parents and the community is what it takes. No one is on an island…

Coaches, are you getting prepared to try to provide your athletes with the best opportunity for a positive, meaningful, and memorable athletic experience? 

Athletes, are you physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to commit to be the best you can be for your teammates and coaches? 

Parents, family and community members are you prepared to help your child have a great athletic experience by releasing them to the sport, the team, the coach, and the experience ?



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