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The origin story...

Blues Training Academy was a concept that started to gain traction over covid lockdown in 2019 by brothers Anthony & Bradley Reen. 


At the time Bradley was working with PEA swimming club as the lead coach of the Summerwood Primary School branch as well as running a timber construction company. 


Anthony had spent a number of years working for Scottish Rugby, World Rugby & studying towrads a degree in Sports , Fitness & Coaching.  Eight months into his move to Spain covid hit and all income stopped. 


While exploring ways he could supplement his income, Bradley was trying to figure out how he could run online swimming sessions for all his squads. A conversation was had and Anthony then started to deliver online dryland training to the swimming squads from his garage in Spain. As the working relationship developed, ideas started to flow and the concept of a training academy was born. 


Bringing a new and unique take on sports development, coach education and partnership working within communities.


Both brothers are passionate about sports and physical education.


Bradley has represented Natal and Eastern province multiple times; he has also represented South Africa in swimming as an SA schools representative and achieved full SA colors as a masters swimmer.

He has broken and still holds numerous South African records in the masters division.

He has also made provincial teams for biathlon and lifesaving. 

He has been coaching swimming  since 2008 starting as a learn to swim coach at Kidz Country Corner. 

In 2016 he was asked to tender to run a swimming club at Summerwoood Primiary School, a dream come true for Bradley.


"Family and support networks are of the utmost importance when it comes to pursuing your dreams, it takes huge effort from the families , coaches, athletes and administrators" 

- Bradley Reen 


Anthony has coached rugby since 2003, in 2006 he was offered a playing contract in Scotland which he signed. In 2009 he started working for Scottish Rugby as a development officer, in 2012 he started working as a regional manager working with and guiding 7 rugby clubs, 11 secondary schools and 67 primary school rugby programmes. In addition to this he was still playing rugby and coaching Edinburgh Regional squads and working for World Rugby as part of their coach education team.  


 "One of the key traits I try and develop or instill in people I work with is responsibility, as soon as you take responsibility your journey truly becomes yours" 

- Anthony Reen

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