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The Team: Welcome


Get to know the dedicated team behind Blues training academy. We come from all walks of life and are united in our passion to develop individuals to fulfil potential! We’re fortunate enough to be working in an industry we love and are always looking for ways to learn, develop and improve. We are all approachable and always open for a chat or feedback.



 Head of  Aquatics  - Program Lead 

Blues training academy wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for our Head Coach Brad who oversees our swimming strategy and advises on the best course of action for all our aspiring swimmers. He aims to ensure all his sessions are delivered to the highest quality and meet each individuals needs. He very much believes in developing people through the sport is just as important as developing top performing athletes.

He has a wealth of experience in swimming training and competition. He has competed both nationally and international reprsenting both his country and the province on a number of occasions. 

We really couldn’t have wished for a

better head coach to be involved in such an ambitious club.

Qualifications include:

  • Blues Trainig & Education - Director of swimming 

  • Blues Trainig & Education - Coach Educator 

  • Blues Trainig & Education - Periodozation and Planning 

  • Swim South Africa Level 2

  • Swim South Africa Level 1

  • Learn to Swim 

"Family and support networks are of the utmost importance when it comes to pursuing your dreams, it takes huge effort from the families , coaches, athletes and administrators" 



Head of Aquatics -  Foundation Phase 

Jenna has been interested in sports and sports development from a very young age.  She brings a wealth of Knowledge to  BLUES coaching staff and will assume the role as Head of Aquatics - Foundation Phase her mandate will be to further develop the Learn to swim program.

She  has been involved in swimming and other sports for a number of years and has a passion for coaching and working with young people 


We are lucky to have such  a skilled and passionate coach as part of our growing team.  


  • Learn to swim 

  • First Aid Level 1 and 2 


Head of Aquatics  - Adult LTS & Misfits 

Lerryn Mew has years of experiance in the swimming community. She is a great asset to the club.

In her free time she is the ECA educational coordinator and works closly with the National & regional converning bodies.

Lerryn is a passionate and caring coach who loves to see people reach their potential in the water and in life. 

Qualifications include:

  • National Diploma in Sports administration and marketing

  • ASCA Qualified coach

  • Swim South Africa coach educator 

  • Swim South Africa Level 2

  • Swim South Africa Level 1

  • Learn to Swim Instructor 

  • Qualified massage therapist



Strength and Conditioning

Reeno is  a key driving force behind Blues training academy he has added real value to the club. 

He has a background in club development and performance sports. Over the last decade he has worked in the UK and Spain. Dividing his time between club development, rugby coaching, rugby playing and studying towrads a degree BSc (Honours) Sport, Fitness and Coaching .


As our lead S&C coach he works closely with all the coaches and all of our athletes to ensure they are developing the right movement capabilities inline with their age and stage of development.

Qualifications include:

  • World Rugby level 3 - Coaching Youth and Adult Rugby Advanced

  • World Rugby level 2 - Coaching Youth and Adult Rugby

  • World Rugby level 1 - Coaching Children Rugby

  • World Rugby - Strength and Conditioning Educator

  • World Rugby – Strength and Conditioning LV2

  • World Rugby – Strength and Conditioning LV1

  • World Rugby - Coach Educator

  • UKSCA – Weightlifting for sports performance

  • UKSCA – Plyometrics, Agility and Speed

  • UKSCA – Planning Effective Programs

  • UKSCA – Foundation in Strength and Conditioning

  • Registered exercise professional - level 3 


 "One of the key traits I try and develop or instill in people I work with is responsibility, as soon as you take responsibility your journey truly becomes yours" 

       - Anthony Reen 




Lynne has been involved in swimming for the past ten years, as a swimming mom with three club swimming kids.

She has also been involved in administration and team management for both swimming (at several local clubs) and with Lifesaving Eastern Cape. She has also worked extensively on several local organising committees assisting with organising galas and variouse events.

Her passion for swimming stems back to her school days where she represented her school and province at the highest levels.

She is a committed, dedicated, loyal and competent. We are so lucky to have her working with us. She great asset to the club.

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